Putting Made Easy ….. Really?

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English: Recruiting Brochure: Shot of Bay Area Sports Activities 1979-1995 (Joe March) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training Aids – Three Different Categories

Practice aids or training aids are available to you to improve any part of your golf game. In listening to the questions that are received about them, it seems that amateurs are just a little confused. In this article we will break practice aids into three categories, give you some examples as well as the ailments that they will fix.First if you are already taking lessons, you should simply ask your golf instructor. They may give you a discount if it is purchased through them. In addition, they may have practice aids that you can make with things that you already own.The three categories that we have broken the training aids into are:Putting Training AidsMany amateurs simply do not realize that they need to be careful when selecting a putting training aid. The reason is that they must know if they make their putting stroke in an arc or make their putting stroke on a straight line. If you make a putting stroke in an arc then you would benefit from a Learning Curve. The dimensions of the curve are set you give you the proper feeling every single time.

If you have made the decision that your putting stroke need to go in a straight line, then you would need to look at the putting square system or the putting plane alignment system. Both are railed systems that insure your putter moves straight back and through.

Full Swing Training Aids

Most players struggle with finding a good impact position. An impact bag will put you in the correct impact position. An impact bag does this by teaching you how the shaft needs to be leaning towards the target at impact and not away from the target.

Another full swing training aid is a balance rod. Balance is one of the most important things to have in your golf swing and talked about the least by golf instructors. A balance rod is placed under your feet as you swing the golf and gives you instant feedback on your balance. If you make swing that arte out of balance, you can slice or hook the ball. You never know where it is going.

Golf Fitness Training Aids

Again, if you are already working with a fitness trainer, it would be best to discuss with them on which golf fitness aids would work best for you. A weighted golf club will help you build strength as well as flexibility. You will need to make sure that you swing it equally right-handed and left-handed as you do not want to overbuild one side over the other.

A swiss ball or balance ball is a very flexible piece of equipment as well. With a balance ball, you can increase your flexibility with various stretches. In addition, you can build your core muscles by doing many of your strength exercises on the ball.

Listed above are the three main categories of training aids. Obviously, you can drill down as far as you would like and create sub-categories for swing plane for example. Keep in mind as you are buying the practice aid, will this help me and my current ailment or is this just what everyone else is buying?

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