7 Day Soup Diet for Effective Weight Loss

One of the most effective rapid weight loss diets is the 7

days soup diet. This diet basically consists of different

kinds of soups in your diet and is a great way to detoxify

the body. It is divided into 7 days regime.

Day One: For the 7 day soup diet to be effective you should

follow the suggestions closely in order to have the best

results. The first day consists of soup and an assortment

of fruits, preferably fruits low in sugar content such as

mangoes or bananas. It is suggested that you eat watermelon

and or cantaloupe considering they are very low in calories

and tend give you the sensation of being full. You should

drink at least 9 glasses of water a day, if not more, and

you can also have juices, such as cranberry juice or tea


The 2nd day of the 7 days soup diet would include soup and

vegetables. You can eat fresh raw or cooked vegetables like

leafy vegetables, baked potato with butter and you can eat

as much as you want but try and avoid dry beans, peas and

corns. No fruits are included on this day.

The 3rd day of the 7 days soup diet would be a mixture of

fruits and vegetables accompanied by soup but you must not

eat baked potatoes. By now you would have noticed a slight

change in your body and this 7 days diet would have already

helped you loose 6 to 7 pounds.

Day Four: Your body needs potassium, so on day four of the

7 day soup diet you are to eat at least eight bananas, which

provide you with that needed potassium, and drink as many

glasses of skim milk that you wish. Continue eating the

soup and drinking your water. Although the bananas and the

milk have a great deal of sugar, your body needs the

potassium, the calcium from the milk, and the carbohydrates

for energy. The bananas also help curb that craving for

sweets you are having by day four.

Day Five: Day five comes with the introduction of meats and

tomatoes, along with the soup. The 7 day soup diet is

designed to give you all the proteins, vitamins, and

minerals you need and helps to eliminate the ones you don’t

need, thus the reason for the tomatoes, which help rid your

body of uric acid. On day five you can have up to 12 ounces

of meat and up to six fresh tomatoes. Keep drinking that

essential water.

On the sixth day of the 7 days soup diet, you can have meat

and vegetables. However you cannot have any baked potatoes.

There is no limit to the amount of meat or vegetables that

you wish to eat here.

Day Seven: Final day of the 7 day soup diet and you should

have lost between 10- 17 pounds at this point. On this day

you can have brown rice, your soup, non- sweetened juices,

vegetables, and water. The 7 day soup diet is designed to

help you learn which foods are the healthiest for you to

eat, which one’s provide the best nutrients and vitamins and

helps you to get into the habit of eating this way, beyond

the 7th day of this diet. In order for you to have the best

results, it is always recommended that you include a regular

exercise program into your daily routine and continue to eat

healthy and keep drinking at least 9 glasses of water daily.

I lost 40 lbs in 3 months with extreme dieting measures that almost destroyed my health. Spicy food + lots of milk that lead to serious diarrhea every day. I’ve been doing a bit of research after my dramatic weight loss experience and found that there’s actually a PROGRAM designed to do what I attempted, except its basically more healthier and effective.

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Dr. Oz Video on Raspberry Keytone:


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