Body pH and a Healthier You

Body pH and a Healthier You

An alkaline body is healthy and able to fight off and heal itself from disease. An acid body contains the key ingredient that disease feeds on – ACID! Acid is the food that allows disease to grow and spread throughout your body. The best chance for fighting or even reversing disease is by alkalizing your body. Drinking the right water is the first place to start since your body IS 70% water.

An Alkaline Body vs An Acidic Body

Excess acid in your body leads to imbalance and a disorganization of your cells. Disorganized cells become sick such as in cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc. The waste products of these cells are also unhealthy leading to more acid for disease to feed on. When disease has its favorite, most nourishing food (acid), it easily grows and reproduces even more diseased cells. Eventually you arrive at the point of no return- death.Drinking alkaline water is important because it neutralizes acids helping you create an alkaline body. When you become alkaline you have the tools needed to choke out the acids that disease thrives on therefore starving your disease! Just like anything else, once you starve it, eventually it dies. Replacing your diet with more alkaline foods also helps to alkalize your body. Excess acid and its waste products are toxic making it difficult if not impossible for you to become alkaline. This waste floats around in your interstitial fluid- the fluid your cells bathe in, receive their nutrients from and also where they eliminate their waste into. Those wastes then stick to your cells and cannot be eliminated out of your body. Your body tells you (or rather, screams out at you) there is a problem, a build-up of acids. It tells you in the form of symptoms. An alkaline body functions efficiently. Drinking alkaline water is the quickest and easiest way to alkalize because it cleans up your interstitial fluid so your cells and organs can absorb nutrients and excrete toxic waste more effectively. It also continuously detoxifies you. You get alkalized and detoxified at the same time. When your body is properly balanced (acid to alkaline), it is a happy body full of energy, mental clarity, ease of movement, free of pain and able to do the things it loves to do and was designed to do. It is also able to fight off premature aging. Alkaline water can turn an acidic body into an alkaline body rather quickly. Give your body the proper tools it needs to heal itself and keep it healthy so you can live your life to the fullest.

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